USA Tour 2017

Loop'n'Roll KK USA Tour July 2017

I‘ve been on tour in the US now 3 times either in Spring or in Autumn, but never in Summer, in the saison. We changed that this year and so I was on tour in the US from July to August. Again, we played more than 20 shows and travelled with a 1964 microbus „Bulli“ from New York City all the way south to North Carolina, where we played on the Outer Banks. One of the best moments I had on this Tour was the Floyd Fest. Its a wonderfull festival in the Mountains, beautifull nature and people and awesome mix of music. We played 4 days long everyday a show. This time, i took Gyoergy de Val with me on tour. He is not only my producer, he is also in to video capturing and editing. He brought his brand new drone on tour and so we could capture many scense in a new way. Can‘t wait to see the result. All of the recorded video material will be used for two music video which we want to release this year. Even though we had a looot of fun on this tour, there were lot of ups and downs, because in some of the shows, there were almost no audience. We lerned our lesson and changed a lot, so we can reach the maximum of people on the next tour. USA, you will see me again – Challenge Accepted!

Fell in Love with Namibia

Konrad Kuechenmeister in Namibia KK in Namibia April 2017

it was soo nice in Nambia that its hard to find the right words. Already in the first two days I had 4 interviews in the Radio and one in a TV show in NBC. The moderator of the TV show started to jam with me live in TV. There, I knew already, it‘s gonna be a great time:)

After the interviews, I gave my first Loop-Workshop in english in front of 15 people. Most of them are musicians with an own career. The workshop suppose to last 3 hour, but after 5 hours we were still talking about and jamming with the Loopstation.

After the workshop I played shows for „Night under the stars“, Open Days of Goethe Institut Namibia, Warehouse Windhoek and even a streetshow.

Some of the musicians from the workshop showed up at the shows and we started to jam:)

After the shows, I traveld to the desert and saw the beauty of this nature the first time in my life! The stars, the dunes and even the rocks. It was so impressive that it will influence my music for sure. I feel honored, I got invited to this wonderful trip and feel so happy, my music brought me there. You will find some pics here.

KK in Namibia

Konrad Kuechenmeister in Namibia KK in Namibia April 2017

It’s confirmed!!! I got invited to tour Namibia in April 2017. The Goethe Institut Namibia arranged shows and workshops for me between the 4. April and the 14. of April. After touring South Africa twice, It will be the 3. time I play shows in Africa and I can’t wait for all the adventures and inspirations coming up on that tour. I’m also excited about the workshops I will give for musicians and loop lovers. After my last loop Workshop at the most modern media center of Europe in Germany, it will be my first international Workshop. When it turns out to be successful, I’ll try to give workshops in my tour countries more often. Beside stage shows, there’s also a street show planed in the middle of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Sounds like a big adventure again.:)

KK back in the US

KK at BVB KK USA Tour Sep / Oct 2016

I got the opportunity to go on a second US tour this year. Again from New York to Miami, again every day concert (a total of 27), again in the Microbus VW T1 of 1964. It was again super exciting , already in the first location was a fire during my show, so the firefighters had to come...

But it got really crazy, when the hurricane “Matthew” came to the OBX right than, when we were there. It was a more or less three-day escape from the wind and the floods that followed. We had to drive through knee-high water, but the “Bulli the Bus” did a good job and kept rolling.. At some point the breaks and the gas pedal broke, but we needed only a few hours to repair everything. Unfortunately, the tour was from the Hurricane on a big mess, many clubs were destroyed. I hope the next US tour 2017 will be without Hurricanes or floods, I had my adventure ;). Since the end of October I am back in Germany and play 13 concerts until December. You'll find the concert dates here ...

KK in the Stadion

KK at BVB Show @ Signal Iduna Park Aug 2016

For the Saison opening party, I played in the stadion of the Soccer team Borussia Dortmund in front of 35'000 people. It was my first show for such a huge audience and I was so so excited. My producer Gyoergy de Val came with me and recorded the trip. As soon as the video is cutted, you will find it here and on facebook.





KK Tour Tour Feb - June 2016

I'm back. Its was one of the longest and most intensive, but also funniest tours I've ever made.

The tour started in Brazil, where we played shows in and around Fortaleza and Brasìlia. Was so much fun for me to play for the people again, who stand in front of my stage for already 9 years. After the Brazil tour, I took the plain to the US. The tour in a 1964 VW Microbus started in New York and went all the way down to Miami. 25 days and 25 shows. It was amazing!!! The Tour in the US was even so succesfull, that we will do it again already in September this year. From Miami we took the cruise ship to Bermudas, Azores, Spain, England, Netherlands and back to Germany where I took a little break from making music. Now I'm back, full of energy, inspired by all the magic things that happened on this tour and excited to play on the Festivals in Germany. Here you can see some of the pics made on this long long tour...


USA Tour in a VW Microbus

Konrad Kuechenmeister in USA 2016 USA Tour March 2016

A DREAM COME TRUE. I'll go on tour in the US in an original 1964 VW Microbus, playing on many Festivals, Club venues and street shows. The tour will start in New York and we will drive this old old car all the way down to Miami. It will be the Ska/Reggae Looper Brian Hill (US), the Comedian Stefan Danziger and me in the bus, so the shows will not only be groovy, they will be funny:) Its so amazing to travel the states in a micro bus, like so many musicians did 50 years ago. I'm so thankfull to all helper, friends and producers that make this dream come true and I'm so excited about all the adventures we will see, have and survive ;) At the end of the tour, I will post pics and videos on this site.



Konrad Kuechenmeister in Brazil 2016 Brazil Tour Feb 2016

Finally I'm back to Brazil!!! Yeaaah!!!! Together with BerlinLOOPBrasil, we are on the road again in cities such as Fortaleza, Brasília and Goiânia. Beside the shows and Interviews, we also concentrate on our network of friends, artists, producers and promoters to prepare a yearly BerlinLOOPBrasil Tour which contains my loop-music, dance and visual arts. Like we did it from 2008 - 2012, we will try to bring artists from Germany in the future, to tour with us supported by the sponsors and culture-support-programs of both countries. This upcoming Brazil tour is kind of a base, to make that possible. I can't wait to chill in the sun, at the beach with a caipirinha in my hand... But what I'm really looking forward to is, to perform in front of the amaizing, brazilian audience, that always gives me the feeling, I'm home. Brazil was always a huge part in my loop-music carreer and will always be! Eu sou um brasileiro de coração!!!

KK + Mad Flows + Nick Briggs + Loop Motor

Konrad Kuechenmeister in Dresden Germany KK at Scheune 13.02.2016

My last concert in Germany before the Brazil / USA tour was in “Scheune” in Dresden. The energy of the audience was cracy !!! It was one of the nights, where anything can happen and everything is possible. With me on stage and ready to pump some wavy improvisations was the MC "MAD FLOWS" (US) the saxophonist " NICK BRIGGS "(UK) from London and the looper "LOOP MOTOR" from Dresden, who was the opener of the show. We linked our Loop Stations together and played some songs together during my set - was so much fun :) That was definitely not the last time that we were both together on the stage ... Fortunately, ther was a very good photographer at the show. You can find his pictures of the concert here ...


New Booking Agency for Europe

Dynamite Konzerte Dynamite Booking Jan 2016

After 10 years on stage, I booked and played more than 900 shows and can say for sure: I spent way too much time behind a desktop instead of playing instruments. Especially in 2016, I need competent and reliable people, who will take over my bookings, so I can concentrate on travelling and making music, because there are 4 tours on 3 continents confirmed already and there are gonna be more! Thank god, my producer from Spur1-Music in Dresden organized a meeting with the guys from Dynamite Booking. Dynamite, Spur1-Music and I reconized pretty fast, that we are on the same page and so I have the honor to say: from now on, I can spend more time behind my instruments again, because Dynamite Bookings took over the job behind the desktop! Yeah!!Even though, I will still do bookings myself now and than, I'm super happy about having a booking agency behind me that keeps up with e-mailing and phone contact while I'm on the road. 2016 just started, but it's already a good year:)

6 Weeks in Switzerland

© Konrad Kuechenmeister KK on a bench in Switzerland Nov 2015

I am in Switzerland for five weeks now and enjoyed this super relaxed time a lot.
Not only the shows where great, I also used the time here, to chill a bit in this beautiful nature.
Check this Loop-Video, that I just made in my favorite place here. Can't wait to play all the shows we are working on in the moment. We make plans for touring the US, Brazil and Europe next year:)

Friends On Stage

© Konrad Kuechenmeister Konrad Kuechenmeister Poster

After playing hundreds of shows with great and talented guest musicians, I decided to open a new section on my internet page, where you can find informations from most of the musicians and dancers I shared the stage with.  Click on NETZWERK → FRIENDS ON STAGE to find not only the artist description and details, you will also find the links to their social media sites, music, and videos.
I'm so happy and proud about every little moment I shared the stage with this great artists and can't wait, for all the tours and shows that will come up. I also updated the gallery with the pics from the last tours in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa, US and China. One of this pics got chosen, to be my current tour poster ( picture ). Watch out for this posters, because if you see one, my next show in your city is soon :)

KK Live Back in South Africa

KK-Live @ Oppikoppi Festival

So I’m super excited! I’ve been invited back to South Africa during the summer of 2015. This time, I’ll be at "Oppikoppi,” the largest musical festival in South Africa. After two successful performances in Johannesburg and Pretoria in 2014, this year I take the stage at Oppikoppi Festival and hope to line up shows in Cape Town. Confirmed festival and club dates will be released soon! I’m excited, and so is MAD FLOWS, who will join me on stage again :).

Festivals 2015

KK-Live @ BRN Festival Dresden

It’s been a great festival season! The stages were big, the venues were loud and the crowds were even louder. :) It still amazes me that looping has given me the opportunity to play on so many stages in front of sooo many people. Festivals like BRN, ZMF, Expo, Stroga, Heldenwelten, Filmnächte am Elbufer, Schön and the Neckar Festival have been the highlight of my year—and soon I’ll add Oppikoppi Festival to the list.

Welcome 2015

KK-Live @ Beatpol

The first part of 2015 was a trip. I had the opportunity to experiment with new technology to develop a new sound, made rough plans for the year and started to get organized. I planned not only to travel to play for festival audiences across continents and produce a new music video, but also to get back in the Spur1-Music studio to record brand new tracks. The first quarter of 2015 culminated in the Beatpol concert in Dresden (image), where even more people showed up than last year. I can hardly wait for the festival season and am already looking forward to the summer 2015 :)

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